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Social Development Strategic Policy Committee

This SPC is responsible for all areas of policy concerning the council's housing, estate management, culture and sport functions.

The Director of Service for Social Development is Ms. Anne Haugh and the members of the SPC are:

  • Cllr. Gerard Flynn (Chairperson)
  • Cllr. Tony O'Brien
  • Cllr. Mark Nestor
  • Cllr. Paul Murphy
  • Cllr. Joe Garrihy
  • Cllr. Ann Norton
  • Larry Brennan, Development/Construction
  • William Cahir, Business/Commercial
  • Tommy Guilfoyle, Trade Unions
  • Trudy Leyden, Community/Voluntary
  • Noel Kearney, Social Inclusion



Social Development SPC Minutes

Page last reviewed: 26/01/21

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