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Physical Development SPC

This SPC is responsible for all areas of policy concerning the council's roads, water, environment, fire and major emergency management functions.

The Director of Service for Physical Development is Ms. Carmel Kirby and the members of the SPC are as follows:-

  • Cllr. John Crowe (Chairperson)
  • Cllr. Pat O'Gorman
  • Cllr. Alan O'Callaghan
  • Cllr. Clare Colleran Molloy
  • Cllr. Joe Cooney
  • Cllr. Ian Lynch
  • Cllr. Liam Grant
  • Kieran Woods, Agriculture & Farming
  • Aisling Wheeler, Environment/Conservation
  • Therese O'Donohue, Environment/Conservation
  • Lorchan Hoyne, Development/Construction
  • Damon Matthew Wise, Community/Voluntary
  • Padraic Hayes, Social Inclusion

Physical Development SPC minutes

Page last reviewed: 10/11/21

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