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Physical Development SPC

This SPC is responsible for all areas of policy concerning the council's roads, water, environment, fire and major emergency management functions.

The A/Director of Service for Physical Development is Ms. Siobhan McNulty and the members of the SPC are as follows:-

  • Cllr. John Crowe (Chairperson)
  • Cllr. Pat O'Gorman
  • Cllr. Alan O'Callaghan
  • Cllr. Clare Colleran Molloy
  • Cllr. Joe Cooney
  • Cllr. Ian Lynch
  • Cllr. Liam Grant
  • Kieran Woods, Agriculture & Farming
  • Aisling Wheeler, Environment/Conservation
  • Therese O'Donohue, Environment/Conservation
  • Lorchan Hoyne, Development/Construction
  • Damon Matthew Wise, Community/Voluntary
  • Padraic Hayes, Social Inclusion

Physical Development SPC minutes

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