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Archaeological sites

The Field Monument Adviser Programme operates under the direction of the Burrenbeo Trust and the Heritage Council. 

Field Monument Adviser Programme

The aim of the programme is to raise the awareness of the vast archaeological resource in County Clare and in the Burren in particular by giving the landowners and occupiers as much information as possible on the monuments on their properties and advising them on how to identify and manage the monuments.

Information on the monuments is also given to local community groups and schools and relationships have been established with farmers' groups and the Teagasc REPS (Rural Environment Protection Scheme) to promote the awareness of archaeology in County Clare and the Burren.

The field monument adviser scheme is available to all landowners in County Clare and anyone who requires information on monuments or potential sites on their properties should contact the field monument adviser.


Michael Lynch
Clare Field Monument Adviser, Burrenbeo

Page last reviewed: 18/12/18

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Michael Lynch
Clare Field Monument Adviser, Burrenbeo
Glebe House
Glebe Road
Co. Galway
091 638 096