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Social housing

Clare County Council's aim is to enhance the quality of life for the people of County Clare through the provision of appropriate housing support to those in need.

Applying for social housing support

In order to qualify, you must be eligible for social housing, and you must be in need. To apply for social housing support, one must be unable to provide accommodation from their own resources. A housing application form must be completed and returned with all relevant documents, these forms can be found below and in Council HQ in Ennis. Eligible applicants are then placed on the Clare County Council housing list and can avail of social housing supports e.g., HAP, RAS.


To qualify

  1. Need: The applicant must be in genuine need of social housing support and be unable to provide accommodation from their own resources.
  2. Local connection: The applicant must reside or have a local area connection in Clare. More information can be found in the allocations scheme.
  3. Right to stay: The applicant must have the right to stay and live in Ireland.
  4. Age: The applicant must be aged 18 years or older.
  5. Income: The household's net income in the 12 months prior to your application must not be higher that the limits for your household composition as specified in national legislation. The 12 months income prior must not exceed the thresholds below.



Applicants are advised that once an application for social housing has been submitted, it may take up to 12 weeks for a decision to be made. Additionally, if further information is requested it will take an additional number of weeks for your application to be processed


Qualified applicants

Once approved, applicants will now have access to Choice Based Letting (CBL) and will be issued with a username and password for the site Applicants will then be able to express interests in relevant properties to them. Applicants can now also search for properties and landlords that will accept Housing Assistance Payment (HAP) as a form of social housing support. Ineligible applicants can reapply if there is a change of circumstance since their prior social housing application e.g., a change of income or change in household composition.


Medical/Disability priority

If you are eligible for social housing, priority status for housing may be awarded if the following three criteria apply to your household:

  1. You or someone in your household has a disability or a medical condition and
  2. The current accommodation is not suitable to meet the needs of the person with a disability or medical condition and
  3. A change in housing will improve or stabilise the circumstances of the person with a disability or medical condition.

Applicants who wish to be considered on medical/disability grounds must fill out the HMD-Form 1 medical form with their social housing application form. This must be completed by the applicant and two medical professionals. The form can be collected at the council office in Ennis, or you can request for the form to be sent to you via the post.

Page last reviewed: 19/02/19

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