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LECP (Local Economic and Community Plan)

Introduction to Socio-Economic Plan

The Local Government Reform Act, 2014 outlines significant changes to the role, structure and systems of local government nationally. It provides for the making of a 6 year integrated Local Economic and Community Plan (LECP). The economic elements of the LECP have been developed by the SPC for Economic Development and Enterprise while the Local Community Development Committees (LCDCs) have developed the community elements of the LECP.

Each LECP must be consistent, in the first instance, with the existing Regional Planning Guidelines 2010-2022 and subsequently with the Regional Spatial and Economic Strategies (RSESs) to be prepared by the Regional Assemblies and a new National Planning Framework which, it is envisaged, will replace the National Spatial Strategy. The LECP must also be consistent with the county development plan, and should be consistent with current government policy.

The LECP must also be aligned with national environmental guidelines and a Strategic Environmental Assessment Screening Report [PDF, 289KB] and a Habitats Directive Screening Report [PDF, 551KB] have been completed.

The preparation of the plan involved a 5 stage process as set out by Departmental Guidelines in January 2015. The process included; the preparation of a Socio-Economic Evidence Base [PDF, 13.9MB]; development of a Socio-Economic Statement and High Level Goals; public consultation on the Socio-Economic Statement and High Level Goals; development of objectives and actions; consideration of the draft plan. 

Clare County Local Economic and Community Plan 2016 - 2021

The LECP for County Clare contains fourteen high level goals along with specific actions to drive economic, social and community development in the county over the next six years. The plan is aligned with relevant national, regional and local policies.The LECP was developed following extensive public consultation with key stakeholders, community groups, local businesses, voluntary organisations and state bodies. Many submissions were also received during the consultation period. 

Following public consultation, high level goals and objectives were developed under relevant themes. This process then led to the identification of targeted and measurable actions which will result in positive economic and community development impacts over the 6 year period. 

The LECP as a whole, into which both the economic and community elements are integrated, was adopted by the local authority in April, 2016 and submitted to the Minister in May 2016.

Monitoring the LECP

The LECP is monitored by means of a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system hosted in the Microsoft Cloud. This system is only accessible to the agencies who are responsible for delivering the LECP.

The CRM system contains all of the LECP's Strategic Actions (SAs), their related Targets and the Activities that the agencies are undertaking. Each agency enters their annual Activities at the beginning of the year. This work is already underway. See sample file below:

Agencies report on their activities annually. 

Reports will be published on this page when completed.

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