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Community publications

Publications are listed alphabetically by name. 

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  • National Famine Commemoration – Kilrush 2013 Programme of Events

    Date issued: 14/03/13  View PDF (2260KB)

  • Our Elders: The Post-independence Generation in Clare

    Date issued: 09/06/10  View PDF (1282KB)

  • Profile of Social Inclusion Target Groups in County Clare

    Date issued: 12/10/10  View PDF (43086KB)

  • Quality of Life in Ennis - Key Indicators, Trends and Marketing Options for Hub Towns

    Date issued: 10/12/09  View PDF (292KB)

  • Shannon Estuary Way Nature based Tourism Opportunities

    Date issued: 17/01/19  View PDF (14492KB)

  • Social Inclusion Policy

    Date issued: 11/10/10  View PDF (283KB)

  • Socio-Economic Statement Local Economic and Community Plan County Clare

    Date issued: 11/06/15  View PDF (383KB)

  • Socio-economic Trends and Regional Quality of Life Indicators

    Date issued: 11/10/10  View PDF (593KB)

  • Tips on Accessing Private Rented Accommodation

    Date issued: 31/01/12  View PDF (411KB) View PDF (411KB)

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