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Strategy to guide journey to new future in tourism

16 October 2020

Clare County Council, in partnership with Shannon Heritage, Shannon Group and Fáilte Ireland, has developed a 10-year Clare Tourism Strategy titled Guiding our Journey to a Vibrant New Future in Tourism.

This work began in 2019 to ensure the continued growth of tourism in the county by adding to its appeal to both overseas and domestic visitors and doing so in a sustainable way. The Covid-19 pandemic has since delivered a massive economic shock globally and brought a sudden stop to international travel and tourism and has deeply impacted domestic tourism within Ireland. 

Having had an extended period of consultation, cognisance has now been taken of the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic. Welcoming the formal adoption of the County Clare Tourism Strategy 2030, the Mayor of Clare, Cllr Mary Howard, said: “Tourism is critical to the social and economic wellbeing of every part of Clare. The Elected Members of County Clare are committed to playing a leadership role in facilitating the delivery of this strategy.”

Pat Dowling, Chief Executive, Clare County Council, said: “While there continues to be business uncertainty, what is certain is that travel will resume when it is safe to do so and tourism will be a key driver of our economic growth. Having a long-term strategy is now more important than ever.”

Mr Dowling added that “the County Clare Tourism Strategy 2030 is intended to guide our journey to a vibrant new future in tourism. Our 2030 vision is for Clare to be a globally renowned, sustainable and vibrant destination that is easily reached and traversed, and recognised for its rich cultural assets, its stunning and open-space landscapes, its compelling array of remarkable experiences and for its welcome and exceptional hospitality.”

Leonard Cleary, Director of Services for Rural and Tourism Development and the West Clare Municipal District, Clare County Council, said: “Achieving the vision as set out in the 10-year strategy will require all tourism interests in Clare, supported by government and national agencies, to work collaboratively to deliver an outcome that enriches all communities across our county. It is timely that the Cliffs of Moher Strategy 2040 is also in development. Such collaboration will ensure that we manage and disperse growth so that communities in all parts of Clare benefit.”

Deirdre O’Shea, Head of Tourism (Acting), Clare County Council, noted that the County Clare Tourism Strategy 2030 is in limited circulation at present. Acknowledging the current Level 3 restrictions that are in place for the county, she said a formal launch of this strategy will be organised at a time that is safe to do so.

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