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Clare Economic Taskforce to be convened in June

9 June 2020

An Economic Taskforce for County Clare comprising leaders from the private and public sectors will be convened later this month.

The initial focus of the taskforce will be to identify priority economic actions for County Clare and to assist economic sectors, such as tourism and retail, that are in need of support.

The private and public sector leaders will bring a wealth of business experience to the taskforce, which will assist the Council in its role as a business enabler and will help to generate confidence in the local economy.

The Clare Economic Taskforce will be a strong communicator of a coherent County Clare/regional message to gain government and business support to deliver on priority economic actions for County Clare.

It is important that public representatives locally/regionally receive consistent messaging on economic priorities and that there is a focus placed on regional priorities.

Covid-19 has highlighted the need for decentralisation to be embedded into Government decision-making. Strong regions have dealt with the virus situation effectively and efficiently.

Page last reviewed: 09/06/20

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