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Autism Awareness Workshop to be Held in Ennis

14 November 2023

An in-person workshop exploring autism awareness, acceptance and understanding from individual to group settings will take place at The Temple Gate Hotel in Ennis from 7.00pm to 8.00pm on Wednesday November 22nd.

Facilitated by autism consultant and founder of the ‘GetAutismActive’ Programme & Resource Kit, Dr Susan Crawford, and supported by Clare County Council, the event is open to parents, professionals, businesses and community groups as part of the ‘Clare Autism Aware’ initiative.

Dr Crawford explained: “The aim of this free workshop is to ensure people in County Clare receive the opportunity to gain knowledge and skills about autism and especially how to accommodate autistic people to attain their potential.”

She added: “Accommodations and adaptations for autistic people need to be accompanied by actions at community and societal levels for greater accessibility, inclusivity and support. This workshop forms part of ongoing efforts across the county to promote a countywide awareness, understanding and acceptance of autism.”

Brendan Boyce, Administrative Officer, Rural Development Directorate, Clare County Council, commented, “The Local Authority is delighted to support the Clare Autism Aware initiative and, by doing so, assist and enable organisations in ensuring their environments are appropriately accommodating for autistic people. Our shared goal is to work towards embedding an Autism Aware culture across County Clare through meaningful engagement and practice.”

Spaces for the Autism Awareness workshop are limited so advance booking is advised.

To book your place, visit:

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