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‘Blossom – Develop, Grow and Thrive’: a mixed media art exhibition by Katja Wittmer

16 May 2024

Clare Arts Office, in conjunction with Clare Museum, is delighted to present ‘Blossom – Develop, Grow and Thrive’, a mixed media art exhibition by Katja Wittmer. 

Venue: Clare Museum, Ennis, Co. Clare

Date: 6th May to 8th June 2024, inclusive


Katja Wittmer is an abstract mixed media artist living and working in Ennis, Co. Clare. She explores the journey of thriving and growth in her newest abstract works. Being interested in how colour influences emotions and affects your mood, her new paintings focus on positivity and brightness, exploring themes such as spring, earth and water, and the emotions we feel when we experience these themes.

Katja is fascinated with how colour and form alone can trigger an individual emotional response based on personal experiences. Using bold colours and complex textures, Katja creates hidden layers within her abstract paintings that are waiting to be discovered. Her work is engaging and challenging, leaving plenty of opportunity for individual interpretation and reflection. As Katja says, “The joy of abstract art is that everyone can find their own story in what they see.”

This free exhibition runs to 8th June 2024, with an opening on Saturday, 25th May, from 3pm to 5pm, and everyone is welcome.



Detail from a piece by Katja Wittmer from her mixed media art exhibition, ‘Blossom – Develop, Grow and Thrive’, which runs at Clare Museum, Ennis, until 8th June, 2024.  

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