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Lease or sell your house

Leasing or selling residential property to Clare County Council

Have you a residential property you wish to sell or lease?

We are seeking to buy or lease houses and apartments in areas with a housing need. We will consider any property that meets or can meet the minimum standards for rental properties and is located where there is a housing need. A new Buy and Renew Scheme has been introduced and the focus is on purchasing older stock in urban areas with a view to reducing the number of derelict properties and improving streetscapes. If you wish to sell or lease your property to the council under this scheme please complete form provided below.

There are two options for property owners interested in leasing:

  1. Long term lease arrangements (10-20 years)
  2. Availability arrangements (1-10 years)

Why let your property to Clare County Council?

  • A guaranteed rent even when the property is vacant
  • Escape the hassle of collecting rent and finding a new tenant
  • No day-to-day maintenance responsibilities under long term lease arrangements
  • Avoid advertising costs

How do I make a proposal to Clare County Council?

If you are interested in selling or leasing a property, please download and complete the selling and leasing proposal form below. You can also request a proposal form by calling into the Housing Department at Clare County Council, New Road, Ennis.

Page last reviewed: 01/06/17

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