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  • Affordable Housing Handbook

    Issued: 23/10/09  [PDF, 760KB] Accessible HTML

  • A Framework for Collaboration

    Issued: 12/04/16  [PDF, 1497KB]

    An agreement between the Arts Council and the County and City Management Association

  • An Audit of Antique Farm Machinery in County Clare

    Issued: 18/05/12  [PDF, 9204KB]

  • Annual Financial Statement 2014

    Issued: 01/03/16  [PDF, 1501KB]

  • Annual Report 2014

    Issued: 04/06/15  [PDF, 775KB] [MS WORD, 306KB]

    Clare County Council has adopted its Annual Report for 2014.  

  • Annual Report 2015

    Issued: 27/04/16  [PDF, 832KB]

  • Annual Report 2016

    Issued: 30/05/17  [PDF, 1219KB]

  • Annual Service Delivery Plan 2016

    Issued: 10/03/16  [PDF, 286KB]

  • Anti social Behaviour Strategy

    Issued: 02/05/12  [PDF, 189KB]

  • Architectural Conservation - Clare Coastal Architectural Heritage Survey

    Issued: 10/08/09  [PDF, 15271KB]

    The Clare Coastal Architectural Heritage Survey is an almost comprehensive survey of structures of vernacular, engineering and architectural value, constructed over the past three centuries. 

  • Architectural Conservation - Industrial Heritage Review Of Co. Clare

    Issued: 12/03/10  [PDF, 10558KB]

  • Banner Rocks - The Geology of County Clare

    Issued: 04/03/15  [PDF, 5459KB]

  • Banner Wetlands

    Issued: 17/05/12  [PDF, 3884KB]

  • Budget Report 2014

    Issued: 20/02/14  [PDF, 527KB]

  • Budget Report 2015

    Issued: 20/02/14  [PDF, 352KB]

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