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  • Budget Report 2017

    Date issued: 14/11/16  [PDF, 1972KB]

  • Budget Report 2018

    Date issued: 15/11/17  [PDF, 1220KB]

  • Budget Report 2019

    Date issued: 29/11/18  [PDF, 3080KB]

  • Buds of the Banner - A Guide to Growing Native Trees and Shrubs in Clare

    Date issued: 23/03/12  [PDF, 5797KB]

    Buds of the Banner - A guide to growing native trees and shrubs in County Clare.

  • Built to Last - The Sustainable Reuse of Buildings

    Date issued: 21/07/09  [PDF, 1249KB]

    Dublin City contains many examples of buildings which, though not protected, have artistic, architectural or historic merit. The retention, rehabilitation and reuse of older buildings can play a pivotal role in the sustainable development of the city. 

  • Bye-Laws made under Control of Horses Act 1996

    Date issued: 10/08/10  [PDF, 43KB]

  • Casual Trading Bye-Laws 2008

    Date issued: 01/02/10  [PDF, 50KB] Accessible HTML

    Casual trading bye laws 2008

  • Clare Age Friendly Strategy 2018-2022

    Date issued: 26/09/18  [PDF, 4013KB]

  • Clare Beach Bye-Laws 2016

    Date issued: 01/08/16  [PDF, 1993KB]

    Beach bye laws for the administrative area of Clare County Council.

  • Clare Biodiversity Action Plan 2017-2023

    Date issued: 09/01/18  [PDF, 3239KB] [PDF, 3243KB]

    Clare Biodiversity Action Plan 2017-2023

  • Clare County Development Plan 2017 - 2023: Chief Executive's Report on Submissions Received on the Notice of Draft Ministerial Direction on the Clare County Development Plan 2017 - 2023

    Date issued: 15/03/17  [PDF, 107KB]

  • Clare Coastal Architectural Heritage Survey 2008

    Date issued: 10/08/09  [PDF, 15275KB]

    The Clare Coastal Architectural Heritage Survey is an almost comprehensive survey of structures of vernacular, engineering and architectural value, constructed over the past three centuries. 

  • Clare County Archives - Canon Dwyer Exhibition

    Date issued: 04/08/16  [PDF, 2078KB]

  • Clare County Archives - Casement Exhibition

    Date issued: 04/08/16  [PDF, 23354KB]

  • Clare County Archives Conservation Work 2014

    Date issued: 07/12/15  [PDF, 1081KB]

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