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Function for retiring Garda Chief Superintendent

16 November 2018

Clare County Council this week hosted a special reception honouring Garda Chief Superintendent John Kerin who is due to retire from An Garda Síochána in the coming weeks.

Mayor of Clare Councillor Michael Begley said, “I want to officially acknowledge John’s personal contribution to our county.  I do so knowing that I most likely speak for thousands of other people who have benefited from John’s leadership, guidance and service over a long number of years.”

“His role as Chief Superintendent is one that bears huge responsibility but John was never one to shirk responsibility. He has always put his hand up and offered to lead on matters of significance for the local community. Aside from the day to day responsibilities of a managing modern police force, John has invested a lot of his time in the community in which he lives,” added the Mayor.

Page last updated: 16/11/18

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