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Clare Alerts

16 January 2020

Clare County Council has launched its new text alert system Clare Alerts through MapAlerter.

Map of Clare

Clare Alerts allows you to subscribe to get alerts from Clare County Council. Alerts are delivered by SMS Text Alert, email and also through various chat apps such as Facebook Messenger through the MapAlerter service. There is no charge to create an account and there are no costs to receive alerts through any channel, including the SMS text messages. The service was introduced by Clare County Council to ensure that quick information is given to people for specific events that may affect them. This may include day-to-day events such as road works or other isolated events such as severe weather emergencies.

Registration requires that users supply a mobile number and email address so that Clare Alerts can deliver alerts directly.  Alerts are issued across a number of Council categories and you can subscribe to some or all of these categories, depending on your preference. Clare Alerts currently offers these categories:

  • Road Works & Diversion Information
  • Planning Application Alerts
  • Severe Weather Alerts via Met Éireann
  • Flood Alerts
  • Community Notices

The service is designed with a strong emphasis on location accuracy. Each alert is mapped before it is sent to the user so it will only be delivered to the user if they are deemed to be in an affected area. When registering for a Clare Alerts account the user must identify a mapped location so that the system will only send accurate alerts.

Registration is quick and easy. Once an account is created Clare County Council will only send alerts when they are relevant to the user.

You can now sign up for Clare Alerts by following the links at the end of the page where there is also more information about the free Clare Alerts service.  

Page last reviewed: 16/01/20

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