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The LCDC and Clare County Council launches the Local Enhancement Programme 2024

31 January 2024

The Department of Rural and Community Development Local Enhancement Programme (LEP) 2024 will provide capital funding to support community groups in County Clare.

Local Enhancement Programme

The Local Enhancement Programme will support groups, particularly in disadvantaged areas, to carry out necessary repairs and improvements to their facilities, and/or to purchase equipment.

This funding will help communities, community groups and committees, allowing them to continue to provide valuable services to the people in their area, and in the process strengthen the bonds that tie communities together. Classification of affluent and disadvantaged areas are based on Pobal HP deprivation scores which can be viewed through Pobal Maps - Deprivation.

The Local Enhancement Programme 2024 supports groups, particularly in disadvantaged areas with capital projects. Groups will also be able to use the funding to carry out necessary repairs and improvements to their facilities and/ or purchase equipment. Clare LCDC has been awarded €166,056.66.  Funding of €138.380.55 is available towards capital projects up to a maximum of €10,000.00 per group.  €27,676.11 has been ring fenced for Women’s group's.

Councillor Gerry Flynn, Chair of Clare LCDC said, “The funding available under the Local Enhancement Programme will help communities, community groups and committees to continue to provide valuable services to the people in their area and to strengthen the bonds that tie communities together. The fund also aims to support local strategic priorities through linkages with Local Economic Community Plan (LECP).”

Anne Haugh, Director of Rural and Community Development with Clare County Council commented, “Community groups and organisations should engage with our four Rural and Community Development Officers (RCDO) to discuss their proposals. Our RCDO’s  engage with communities across Clare on an ongoing basis to promote collaboration and shared approaches to tackling the challenges confronting our rural and disadvantaged communities.”

Page last reviewed: 31/01/24

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