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'Blue Birds’: an exhibition of artwork by Jakobus Smit

19 March 2024

Clare Arts Office, in conjunction with the Clare Museum, is delighted to present ‘Blue Birds’, an exhibition of artwork by Jakobus Smit.

Press release 19March2024

This exhibition aims to bring awareness to the decline of many bird species in Ireland and Britain and to ask if we can do more to protect them, utilising oversized letters as a device to strengthen their identity and limited colour tones of blue and grey to create a sense of urgency.

According to Jakobus, “The Mission Statement of this exhibition is ‘To warn of coming danger’ and ‘Canary in the coal mine’. The Blue Bird campaign aims to bring awareness, educate and help further push our efforts to protect birds.”

He continues, “To inspire future generations, policymakers, product developers and consumers, it begins with you and me. Let’s grow a strong community across Ireland, Wales, Scotland and England, taking a stand to protect wild birds.”

You can find out more about Jakobus Smit and his work at his website,

This free exhibition runs until 29th March inclusive, and everyone is welcome.

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