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Postal voters list

Under the Electoral Act, 1992, amended by the Electoral (Amendment) Act, 1996, an elector with a physical illness or disability who is living at home may apply to his/her local registration authority to be included in the postal voters list. An elector in this category is not eligible for entry in the special voters list. An elector whose name is entered in the postal voters list may vote only by post at an election or a referendum.

Who can apply?

The following categories of persons can be registered as postal voters:

  • Electors with a physical illness or disability who are living at home - Form PV1
  • Electors who are unable to vote at their polling station due to circumstances of occupation etc., employees and students etc. Form PV2
  • Whole-time members of the Defence Forces members who live in military barracks may be registered either at the barracks or at their home address - Form RFC
  • Irish diplomats posted abroad and their spouses - they are registered at their home address in Ireland.

Members of the Garda Síochána have the option of being registered as ordinary electors or as postal voters (Application Form). In either case, they are registered at their home address or where they are stationed as being ordinarily resident. An elector registered as a postal voter may vote by post only and may not vote at a polling station - Form RFB

Who fills out the application?

The application is divided into two parts. The applicant must complete Part A of the form. In the case of a first application, Part B of the form must be completed by a doctor. Part B must also be completed in the case of a second or subsequent application, if required by the registration authority. It is necessary to re-apply for a postal vote each year by completing Section A of the application form and returning it to the Registration Authority before the 25th November of that year.

Where do I send the application form?

Completed application forms must reach the offices of

Clare County Council,
Franchise Section,
Áras Contae an Chláir,
New Road,
Co. Clare

not later than the 25th November.

What happens next?

You will be notified by the registration authority of the decision on your application and, if it is refused, you will be given the reasons for the refusal.

Please note

  • The Postal Voters List comes into force on the 15th February each year. Your application will not be included if it is not received on or before the 25th November of the previous year.
  • Your application will be deemed to be withdrawn if you fail to furnish any additional information or documents required by the registration authority within the period specified by the authority.
  • It is an offence to apply for entry in the postal voters list in the name of another person or knowingly to give false or misleading information in relation to an application.
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