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Keeping Active

Resources that will help you keep as active as you can while adhering to the social distancing guidelines and exercise restrictions.

Clare County Council, together with Clare Sports Partnership has a series of videos online for all ages to get active.

It is very important that at this time we keep as active as we can whilst adhering to the social distancing guidelines and the 5km exercise restrictions. 

The Clare Sports Partnership has created a set of resources that will help you along the way. They will keep adding to them. Active Ennis will also be adding resources here. 


Keep fit and active - resources for children

Activities to help children keep active, suitable for 3-12 year olds. 


Keep fit and active - resources for teenagers

This is an especially challenging time for teenagers, especially those that are in exam years. Keeping active will help reduce stress and protect our mental health. 

Adults and active communities

Keep fit and active - resources for adults, families and communities

We have seen a huge increase in people out walking throughout the county. If you would like to take it up a notch, but at a slow, gentle and steady pace then this may be the programme for you.


Inclusive activities

Useful resources to keep you active. 

Online classes

Online classes

It is more important than ever to keep active now, especially when you are cocooning and not able to get out for your daily walk. The Clare Sports partnership teamed up up with some  tutors to give you ideas. 

Clare Sports Partnership

Clare Sports Partnership - exercise at home

Keep Active at home during the COVID-19 Emergency. Find what suits you and your family.


Resources, activities and links

This is a collection of resources, activities and links to help you stay active.

Keeping Active Events

Inspires us all to achieve success through sport, fitness, dance, cooking and creative activities. Encourage everyone to lead healthy and more fulfilled lives