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Ennis Town Centre welcomes safe reopening of businesses

12 June 2020

With phase 2 of the Government Roadmap for Reopening Society and Business coming into effect on June 8th, 2020, Ennis Town Centre is welcoming people back into the town while adhering to key public health guidelines.

Many retail operations in Ennis Town Centre are reopening this week for the first time since the introduction of restrictions,and there is excitement among businesses to welcome people back into the town to kick-start the local economy.

Ennis Town Centre is implementing protocols and has introduced new measures to adapt to physical distancing and other requirements necessitated by Covid-19.

Clare County Council, in consultation with a stakeholder group comprising representatives from businesses, the community, and the wider public sector, is continuing to support residents, the business community and all citizens to access the town safely as we move into the new phase.

In addition to new signage and information notices, visitors can expect to see other visual changes around Ennis which are aimed at refreshing the appearance of the town. Planters with spring flowers have been put in place to complement the visual appeal of Ennis.

Additional measures are being introduced at this time under the temporary Covid-19 Ennis Town Centre Mobility Plan for Ennis Town Centre to facilitate business operations and to support vulnerable persons who need to access the Town Centre, while enabling compliance with physical distancing and other essential public health measures.These measures are as follows:

'Click and Collect' parking spaces have been provided to assist the broadening remit of courier/delivery services. These spaces have a maximum 15-minute time limit, to facilitate the collection of purchases from business. Four spaces are located in the Abbey Street Carpark near Brewery Lane, and a further four spaces in Friar's Walk Carpark (near Clare Museum).

Priority parking spaces have been provided to enable vulnerable members of the public to park in close proximity to the Town Centre. These spaces are subject to the standard time limits and 'Pay and Display' charges will apply.


Cormac McCarthy of Ennis Tidy Towns has welcomed the improvements to Ennis Town Centre, saying: "Ennis Tidy Towns sincerely appreciates the collaborative and inclusive approach adopted by Clare County Council in developing this Mobility Plan. In particular, the attention afforded to softening measures and enhancing the public realm with planting and sensitive design interventions is very welcome."

Leonore O’Neill, Ennis Municipal District Liaison, Clare County Council, said: "Clare County Council wishes to work proactively with business, retail, community and event-organising sectors in each town to plan for and work collaboratively on reactivating local economies and building resilience and confidence in our future.The aim of these changes is to allow businesses to attract footfall into towns, but in a safe manner."

Towns across County Clare are examining Mobility Plans for their own areas.

Employers and workers are reminded that the Return to Work Safely Protocol is available to support businesses to put measures in place that will prevent the spread of Covid-19 in the workplace.

Page last reviewed: 12/06/20

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