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  • Adopted Doolin Harbour Bye Laws 2017

    Date issued: 29/11/21  View PDF (332KB)

  • Doolin Pier (Parking Places) Bye-Laws 2016

    Date issued: 19/07/16  View PDF (676KB)

  • Ennis Town Council Appointed Stands (Street Service Vehicles) Bye-Laws 2009

    Date issued: 16/06/14  View PDF (1793KB)

  • Road Traffic (Special Speed Limits) County of Clare Bye-Laws 2017

    Date issued: 11/06/19  View PDF (39013KB)

  • School Zone Pilot Project Bye Laws 2010

    Date issued: 08/03/13  View PDF (115KB)

  • Special Speed Limits Housing Estates Pilot Project Draft Bye-Laws 2015

    Date issued: 07/04/15  View PDF (149KB)

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