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Clare Dog Shelter reopens

8 January 2019

Clare Dog Shelter reopened this week following completion of refurbishment works.    

Dogs, staff and visitors will benefit from the project, which sees new specialist flooring throughout the building, pvc windows, upgraded heating, upgraded vet room and the inclusion of kennel hatches to allow dogs easy access to the outside.  Glass doors have been installed in each kennel   resulting in a friendlier, brighter space.   The large indoor kennels now have the option of being subdivided by a glass door to allow for better management, to maximise flexibility and efficient use of the space and facilitate greater comfort for dogs.
The dogs are not the only ones to benefit from the works as staff facilities have also been given an upgrade. Inside spaces have been redefined,  to allow for ‘human only’ spaces as well as dog facilities.  Bright blue acrylicon flooring defines the dog-related space, while the public reception area, office and ancillary spaces are designated by green flooring.

“The dog shelter has been in existence at the Gort Road Industrial Estate for in excess of thirty years and over that period, maintenance and improvement works have been carried out, including in more recent years, the provision of outdoor pens and outdoor kennels” advised Carmel Kirby, Director of Services in the Physical Development Directorate, Clare County Council.

“Each year Clare County Council consults with the staff at the dog shelter in relation to any required improvement works. The 2018 programme of works commenced with the provision of a new storage area, general maintenance and minor upgrade works to heaters which were completed by mid summer. Further enhancements were proposed and a schedule of works was prepared to include an upgrade of flooring and windows at the shelter this year.    It was an ideal opportunity to completely refurbish the space, to benefit both the shelter staff and the animals they care for”

Etain McCooey, Clare County Council, has been working in cooperation with the staff at the shelter and their employer Midland Animal Care Ltd, throughout the year, to bring the shelter and work to another level.   

“We decided to create a more modern look in the building, using bright colours for flooring, and installing glass kennel doors, rather than the more traditional steel barred gate system,  to open out and give a sense of space to the kennels. Hatches opening out onto the exercise space are also now in place which allows for better management of the dogs. All dogs that enter the shelter are assessed by a vet, are vaccinated and microchipped and this work can now be carried out in the designated vet room,  while the new flooring will facilitate maintenance of hygiene standards. Other improvements such as new windows, thermostacially controlled heating and new dogs beds  all improve the standard of facility being provided to the dogs.”  

Clare Dog Shelter is open from 10am to 2pm Monday to Saturday,  and with an evening opening every Wednesday of 6.30pm - 7.30pm.  Dogs which are not rehomed directly from the shelter are referred to reputable animal charities and rescues in Ireland including Dogs Trust and specialist breed rescues.   Anyone interested in adopting a dog from the Clare Dog Shelter can call in during opening hours,  or contact the shelter by phone on 065 682 0393.

Page last updated: 08/01/19

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