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Community Supports Scheme 2020

20 December 2019

Submission deadline: Wednesday January 22, 2020

Clare Joint Policing Committee

Clare County Council is pleased to announce that the Community Supports Scheme is now open for 2020 applications. 

The purpose of the Council’s Community Supports Scheme is to encourage and assist community and voluntary groups to take an active part in the development of their communities and to improve the quality of life experience in their areas. 

This support scheme coordinates separate grant schemes operated by various Council departments into a single structured scheme.

The following is the list of categories included within this scheme:

  1. Support Scheme for Public Area and Amenity Enhancement.
  2. Support Scheme for Town/Village Paint Works
  3. Support Scheme for Community Development,Social Inclusion and Participation in Sport or Physical Activities
  4. Support Scheme for Community Playgrounds.
  5. Support Scheme for Burial Ground Maintenance and Provision.
  6. Support Scheme for Community Wifi.
  7. Support Scheme for Best Kept Local Authority Estate.
  8. Support Scheme for the Arts. Sub-Categories are: Events and Projects / Organisational Support;
    Traditional Arts; Artists Support; Arts Festivals.
  9. Support Scheme for the Irish Language.
  10. Support Scheme for Christmas Lighting.
  11. Support Scheme for Tourism Marketing and Promotion.
  12. Support Scheme for Sustainable Tourism

If you have any queries please email 

For an application form and scheme guidelines, please see links below.

Closing Date

Wednesday January 22, 2020

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