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Register to vote

Register of Electors

In order to be included on the Register of Electors:

  • You must be at least 18 years old on the day the register comes into force (15th February)
  • Have been ordinarily resident in the state on 1st September in the year preceding the coming into force of the register
  • You may be registered for one address only

A separate form must be completed and signed by everyone applying for inclusion in the supplement to the Register of Electors. The form must be sent or delivered by you directly to the registration authority. In order to qualify, a person must meet the requirements in relation to residence and age.

Students living away from home while attending college have the choice of being registered at either their home address or their student residential address.

If you are pursuing a course of study on a full-time basis at an educational institution in the state and because of this study you are unlikely to be able to go to your polling station on polling day to vote, you may apply to your registration authority to be included in the postal voters list and to vote by post at elections and referenda.

You are eligible for inclusion in the supplement to the Register of Electors on or after the day on which you reach 18 years of age. This includes a day that falls within the time beginning on the last day for the receipt of applications and polling day. If you are within this category, you should accompany your application with a copy of your birth certificate.

Application forms are available on or on the forms section of this website or alternatively contact the Franchise Section of Clare County Council, freephone 1800 245426 or the area offices within the county.

Supplement to the Electoral Register

If you are eligible to vote but have missed the deadline to include your name on the register, you can apply to be included in a supplement to the register, which will allow you to vote at any election or referendum held during the lifetime of the register. You can apply for inclusion on the supplemental register at least 14 working days, excluding weekends, before polling day. In order to qualify, a person must meet the citizenship, residence and age requirements which apply to the register concerned. The closing date for postal voters to be included in the supplement is two days after the day which the order for the election or referendum is signed. Persons entered in the supplement are entitled to vote at elections/referenda held during the currency of the register.

Important dates regarding the Register of Electors

  • The qualifying date for ordinary residents: 1st September
  • Publication of Draft Register of Electors: 1st November
  • Last date for making corrections to or having name(s) included in the Register of Electors: 25th November
  • Publication of list of claims: 30th November
  • Publication of the Register of Electors: 1st February
  • Coming into force of the register: 15th February

Facilities for voters with disabilities

There are a variety of arrangements in place to assist those with certain disabilities to exercise their voting rights. You can:

  • Vote at an alternative polling station if the local station is inaccessible
  • Be helped to vote at the polling station by a companion or the presiding officer
  • Vote by post
  • Vote at a hospital, nursing home or similar institution if you live there

At least one of these facilities is available to you if you have a physical illness or disability, a visual impairment or a reading or writing disability.

Page last reviewed: 27/04/15

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