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Arts & Recreation publications

Publications are listed alphabetically by name. You can view publications by type by using the links in the navigation menu on the left. To view all publications, click the “Publications” link.

  • A Framework for Collaboration

    Date issued: 12/04/16  [PDF, 1497KB]

    An agreement between the Arts Council and the County and City Management Association

  • Artists Mentoring & Networking Programme 2010

    Date issued: 17/11/16  [PDF, 426KB]

    Report on a mentoring and networking programme in the Arts in Health sector initiated by Clare Arts Office

  • A Time to Remember 2005

    Date issued: 17/11/16  [PDF, 3319KB]

    A publication featuring Memories from the arts project at St. Joseph's Hospital, Ennis, Co.Clare

  • Clare Biodiversity Action Plan 2017-2023

    Date issued: 09/01/18  [PDF, 3239KB] [PDF, 3243KB]

    Clare Biodiversity Action Plan 2017-2023

  • Clare County Archives - Canon Dwyer Exhibition

    Date issued: 04/08/16  [PDF, 2078KB]

  • Clare County Archives - Casement Exhibition

    Date issued: 04/08/16  [PDF, 23354KB]

  • Clare County Archives Conservation Work 2014

    Date issued: 07/12/15  [PDF, 1081KB]

  • Clare County Archives - Vandeleur Exhibition

    Date issued: 04/08/16  [PDF, 9616KB]

  • Clare County Art Collection (Selected Works)

    Date issued: 17/11/16  [PDF, 2019KB]

    A selection of works from the art collection of Clare County Council.

  • Festivals and Events 2018

    Date issued: 09/10/18  [PDF, 5208KB]

  • Library Development Plan 2016-2021

    Date issued: 18/08/17  [PDF, 1006KB]

  • Making Great Art Work

    Date issued: 12/04/16  [PDF, 3275KB]

    The Arts Council Strategy 2016-2025

  • The Future is Domestic Visual Diary 2013

    Date issued: 17/11/16  [PDF, 5555KB]

    A visual diary on The Future is Domestic Project undertaken by the Outrider Artists in North Clare, commissioned through the European Presidency Local Arts Scheme by Clare County Council in partnership with the Arts Council of Ireland.

  • Tracing my family tree

    Date issued: 29/06/12  [PDF, 103KB]

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