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Water, Waste & Environment forms

  • Annual Subsidy Explanatory Memorandum & Application Form

    [PDF, 563KB]

  • Application Form for GWS for Taking In Charge by Irish Water

    [PDF, 191KB]

  • Application to district court regarding noise from barking dog

    [PDF, 34KB]

  • Connection to group water supply scheme application form

    [PDF, 109KB]

  • Consent of Members for Takeover of Group Scheme by Irish Water

    [PDF, 206KB]

  • Discharge to ground water application form

    [MS WORD, 1318KB]

  • Discharge to sewer application form

    [MS WORD, 1239KB]

  • Discharge to sewer - guide to the application

    [PDF, 245KB]

  • Discharge to surface water application form

    [MS WORD, 1380KB]

  • Discharge to surface water - guide to the application

    [PDF, 287KB]

  • Domestic lead remediation grants scheme application form

    [PDF, 109KB]

  • Dry cleaner/solvents regulations registration form

    [PDF, 208KB]

  • Environmental complaints form

    [PDF, 33KB]

  • Erection of temporary signage application form

    [PDF, 38KB]

  • Explanatory memorandum - grant for the provision or necessary improvement of an individual water supply to a house

    [PDF, 41KB]

  • Explanatory memorandum - group water schemes

    [PDF, 43KB]

  • Grant Application Form for Upgrading of a Group Water Scheme

    [PDF, 92KB]

  • Grant for the provision or necessary improvement of an individual water supply to a house - Bored well

    [PDF, 30KB]

  • Green Dog Walkers form

    [PDF, 183KB]

  • Irish Water Taking In Charge Basic Standards for Group Water Schemes

    [PDF, 322KB]

  • Taking In Charge GWS Connections Schedule

    [PDF, 60KB]

  • Temporary signage application form

    [PDF, 43KB]

  • Vehicle refinisher registration form

    [PDF, 192KB]

  • Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) application form

    [PDF, 118KB]

  • Waste facility permit and certificate of registration application form

    [PDF, 393KB]

  • Waste facility permit sample newspaper advertisement and site notice

    [PDF, 31KB]

  • Waste Management (Tyres and Waste Tyres) Regulations 2007 - Application form for farmers

    [PDF, 29KB]

  • Waste prevention grant application form

    [PDF, 143KB]

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