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Community and rural development forms

  • Amenity Works, Illegal Dump Clean-up, Village Paint Schemes 2017

    [PDF, 266KB]

  • Application for exhumation license

    [PDF, 26KB]

  • Application for permission to erect a new memorial/headstone

    [PDF, 304KB]

  • Application for permission to restore replace alter an existing memorial

    [PDF, 305KB]

  • Burial Ground Maintenance Grant Scheme 2017

    [PDF, 291KB]

  • Clare Community Awards 2019 application form

    [MS WORD, 1771KB]

  • Clare Older People's Volunteer of the Year Award 2019 Application Form

    [MS WORD, 8323KB]

  • Clare Public Participation Network Membership Registration Form

    [PDF, 68KB]

  • CLÁR Scheme - Measure 1: Support for Schools/Community Safety Measures

    [MS WORD, 1377KB]

  • CLÁR Scheme - Measure 2: Play Areas (including MUGAs)

    [MS WORD, 1357KB]

  • CLÁR Scheme - Measure 3c: Community Wellbeing Supports (Sensory Gardens)

    [MS WORD, 1359KB]

  • Communities Facilities Scheme 2017 - Application Form

    [PDF, 342KB]

  • Community and Arts Grant Scheme and Guidelines 2018

    [PDF, 138KB]

  • Community Enhancement Programme 2018 Application Form

    [MS WORD, 249KB]

  • Community Playground Support Scheme 2017

    [PDF, 253KB]

  • Community Projects Grant Scheme Application form and Guidelines

    [PDF, 643KB]

  • Community Supports Scheme application form 2019

    [MS WORD, 1927KB]

  • Healthy Ireland Fund 2019-2021 Application Form and Guidelines

    [MS WORD, 9865KB]

  • Local Festival and Participative Events Funding 2019 Application Form

    [MS WORD, 1243KB]

  • Local Festival and Participative Events Programme Funding Application Form 2018

    [PDF, 278KB]

  • National Community Weekend 2019 Application Form

    [MS WORD, 1184KB] [PDF, 666KB]

  • National Playday and Recreation Week Application Form 2016 - Commemorating 1916

    [MS WORD, 1617KB]

  • Outdoor Recreation Infrastructure Scheme 2018 Expression of Interest

    [MS WORD, 253KB]

  • Play Areas Application Form

    [MS WORD, 88KB]

  • Shannon Municipal District Community Grant Scheme 2019

    [MS WORD, 19176KB]

  • Smoke alarm scheme - Community application form

    [PDF, 62KB]

  • Support for Schools/Community Safety Measures Application Form

    [MS WORD, 98KB]

  • Tourism Providers Database for County Clare Consent Form

    [PDF, 59KB]

  • Town and Village Renewal Scheme expression of interest application form 2019

    [MS WORD, 326KB]

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