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Excellence Through People awards

Clare County Council was initially accredited with the Excellence Through People award in December 2002 and assessments to maintain the accreditation take place annually. Clare County Council was most recently assessed in April 2015.

Excellence Through People is Ireland's national standard for human resource development. It has been welcomed and supported by employers, their staff, trade unions and government.

All types of organisations are eligible for Excellence Through People including manufacturing and service companies, the voluntary sector and the public sector. The award is a recognition of all the people in the company. It provides a structured framework for employers wishing to improve the quality of their training and is available to all types of organisations, regardless of size or sector.

There are two main objectives to the standard:

  • To encourage the development of employees to full potential through training, development, communication and involvement
  • To reward firms that are successful in that aim

Page last reviewed: 27/11/15

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