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Shannon Estuary Way Heritage Meeting

Date15 January 2019 to 15 January 2019
From 7.00pm - 8.30pm
LocationClare County Council Offices, Training Room, New Road, Ennis, County Clare, Ennis
Admission CostFree. All welcome.

The Shannon Estuary Way (SEW) is a nature-based tourism project on the Shannon Estuary Way.

Agenda for upcoming meeting:
1. Róisín Burke, Albarta Heritage will present the Shannon Estuary Way Heritage Recording Project
2. Alan Lauder, AlanLauderConsulting will present the report on the Shannon Estuary Way Nature Based Tourism proposals
3. Discussion and feedback on both the Shannon Estuary Way Heritage Recording Project and the Nature Based Tourism reports and findings
4. Any Other Business

The Shannon Estuary Way Heritage Recording Project is a multi-faceted project with heritage, tourism
and community as the central core themes. The project has sought to Identify key heritage assets, Record local stories, and work with communities to identify tourism opportunities along the Clare section of the Shannon Estuary Way. This project has been informed through consultation with the local authority Heritage Officer, Clare Local Development Company (CLDC) Fáilte Ireland and a large number of individuals and communities who
very generously gave their time and insights into life on the estuary. There has been a strong level of
engagement amongst the communities throughout the project.

The Legacy:
The project has captured a wealth of information about the heritage of the Shannon Estuary, while engaging
with the locals whose lives are shaped by the river. It has created an awareness and appreciation for the
heritage of the Shannon Estuary and the stories and knowledge that have been shared for centuries, forming a
rich resource that will be an invaluable educational and promotional asset for the region. Extensive desk based research was carried out on the heritage of the Shannon Estuary Way and a data based of Heritage Points of Interest was created with information about visitor access. This project provides a foundation for the next
level of development of the Shannon Estuary Way, such as the Networking Programme that is being instigated by Clare Local Development Company and West Limerick Resources over the coming months. Through this project communities have been provided with a roadmap of how to complete projects that they are interested in developing to develop tourism and visitor information along the Shannon Estuary Way.