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Tea-at-3 Neighbourhood Event

A physically distant event to check in with your neighbours at 3pm every Saturday

Please follow HSE advice and recommendations at all times.

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Event details

Date:23 May 2020 to 27 June 2020
Location:Street Event, County wide
Time:From 3pm

Further information


Bealtaine Festival
Age & Opportunity
St. Patrick's Hall
Marino Institute of Education
Griffith Avenue
Dublin 9
D09 KP46
+353 (0)1 805 7709
Opening hours
Office hours are currently 9am - 5pm, Monday to Friday.


Tea-At-3 is a physically distant activity that takes place from your doorstep, in separate gardens, over the phone or across a video call!
Encouraging neighbours across the country to join together to stick on the kettle, pour a cuppa, reach out to neighbours and support communities.

Each week Neighbourhood Network will supply a tea-at-3 theme with some wonderful activities for you to do in the run-up to each Saturday. Let’s begin to safely connect on a communal level once again by supporting those still cocooning and bring laughter, joy, and creativity back to our streets. Over the coming weeks, we’ll be showing you how to safely host some Tea-At-3 treasure hunts, arts and crafts shows, street galleries, chalk art extravaganzas, Natural History exhibits, and lots more! Sign yourself and your street up to Neighbour Network to get the most from these weekly tea-at-3 "events". From there, you’ll be able to download customizable invites/info leaflets, gain access to special online gatherings, and receive activity tutorials, recipes, and Tea-At-3 tips/tricks straight to your email!

Get your neighbours signed up to!This week’s theme is pretty simple: 'Getting Started'.

Kick things off with tea and a chat, and by encouraging you to try to reach out to neighbours who might be particularly isolated at this time. Remember to follow the government’s advice for connecting with cocooners.

Government Advice

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Page last reviewed: 21/05/20

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