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Lead Remediation Grants Scheme

The Department of Environment, Community and Local Government has announced a grant scheme to assist householders under the Domestic Lead Remediation (Financial Assistance) Regulations 2016 (S.I. No. 56 of 2016) to provide a grant to assist householders with the cost of replacing lead pipes in their homes. The premises must be occupied by the applicant as his or her principle private residence.

Before you can apply for the grant, the home owner must:

  • Be in receipt of a notification from a water supplier advising that there is likely to be lead plumbing (pipes and fittings) within the curtilage of the premises or
  • Hold a certificate issued within the six months immediately prior to the date of application by a laboratory with accreditation for testing for lead in drinking water, showing a parametric value for lead in the water supply at the premises which exceeds the statutory limit, currently 10ug/l (10 micrograms per litre). The issuing laboratory must be accredited by the Irish National Accreditation Board (INAB).

Level of grant

Determined on the basis of gross household income and is either 80% or 50% of the approved cost of the works. The data below sets out the level of grant available based on the income of the previous tax year.

Household income up to €50,000

  • % of approved costs available: 80%
  • Maximum grant available: €4,000

Household income €50,001 - €75,000

  • % of approved costs available: 50%
  • Maximum grant available: €2,500

Household income in excess of €75,000

  • % of approved costs available: No grant is payable
  • Maximum grant available: No grant is payable

Household income

Household income is calculated as the property owner’s gross taxable income in the previous tax year, together with that of his or her spouse or partner. Evidence of household income must be included with all applications as follows:

  • PAYE applicants: a PAYE Balancing Statement or equivalent
  • Self-Employed persons: A Notice of Income Tax Assessment or equivalent
  • Social Welfare recipients: A statement of taxable income from the Department of Social Protection.

Receipts and certification

Each application must be accompanied by a receipt from each contractor engaged for the purpose of remediation/replacement works. Receipts must include details of the works carried out and the associated costs.  Each application must also include certification from the contractor engaged to carry out the works that any materials used, including pipes and fittings, are of appropriate quality and that a proper standard of workmanship has been applied.  NB: it is the applicants responsibility to satisfy themselves that any contractor engaged is competent to carry out the works required and that suitable materials are used and that the contractor(s) engaged holds the necessary tax clearance certificate(s) issued by the Revenue Commissioners. 

Approved cost

Approved cost means the actual cost of the replacement of lead pipes or fittings located within the internal distribution system of a premises. Works do not qualify where the approved cost is less than €200.

Application form

How to apply

Send in your fully completed application form RDLP1 together with evidence of household income, receipts for the works carried out and certificate(s) from the contractor(s) to:  

Water Services Section,
Clare County Council, 
Waterpark House,
Co. Clare
V95 RR72

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Content Last Updated/Reviewed: 29/04/16