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Top 10 tips for preventing household hazardous waste

  1. Knowledge is power - learn more about ingredients and labels on everyday home and garden products - don't be misled by labeling, ask the retailer for advice when choosing alternatives.
  2. Check out alternative environmental products to those you would normally buy especially for cleaning, decorating, gardening and personal products.
  3. Don't be hasty - use up all the existing hazardous products you have - dispose of the residue and packaging carefully at your local Civic Amenity Centre.
  4. Save money by only buying what you need: larger quantities or buy one get one free offers may appear economical but end up being costly if never used.  Or if bulk buying share with a friend or neighbour.
  5. Less is more: dilute cleaning products properly, use personal, household and garden products that contain chemicals sparingly, caution: you may need to use a little more elbow grease!!
  6. Always have a supply of "wonder" products at hand - we have listed 20 uses for soda crystals, there are lots more besides.  These environmentally friendly options are multi-tasking and very cheap in comparison to commercial brands.
  7. Check out the web and you local library for advice and assistance on switching to environmental alternatives and living with less hazardous waste.
  8. Eliminate certain hazardous wastes entirely such as household batteries by investing in a recharger and rechargeable batteries.
  9. Always choose packaging that is easily recyclable, pump action sprays are better that aerosols and avoid disposal products such as antibacterial or bleach wipes for household cleaning purposes.
  10. Join an environmental group or take a night class to learn more about green living and gardening:  it's better for you, your pocket and of course the environment!  Spread the word amongst family and friends - its hip to be green.

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Content Last Updated/Reviewed: 10/11/10