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November meeting 2015

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  • Michael Hehir, Local Resident

Committee members

  • John Longe, Local Resident
  • Perry Long, Local Resident
  • Sheila Mc Tigue and Mike Mc Tigue, Community Centre
  • Dominic Keating, Inagh Local Development Company
  • Alan Foudy, Cloonanaha National School
  • Tom Long, Local Resident

Council officials

  • Paul Moroney
  • Etain McCooey

Main points

Minutes of meeting held on the 24 June 2015

  • Proposed by Tom Long
  • Seconded by John Longe

Matters arising from minutes

An update on the Southern Region Waste Management Plan was given. Objectives of the plan include the development of a thermal treatment facility in the region, capable of processing 300k tonnes waste and a 30-40k ton composting facility and a hazardous waste facility.

Primary aims as follows: segregation to recyclables, food waste, cardboard etc; residual waste to be treated; mechanical biological treatment or waste to energy (thermal) treatment.

Perry Long said that she hoped that Clare would not be considered as the location of a thermal treatment plant and commented that it is in the periphery of the Region. It was confirmed that there were no proposals in Co Clare for same. It was noted that private industry is looking at a large scale facility south of Mallow, on the main road network. There is a facility in Cork, owned by Cork Co Council. There is also a facility in Gortadrom, Co Limerick. It was also noted that capital developments depended also on whether the incinerator is delivered on in Dublin – due for completion in 2018. While, ash, which is biostabilised material, would have to be landfilled, the volume would be quite small.

John Longe requested an update on progress re sealing the final cell would be sealed and was advised that it is still actively being looked at, the plan has not yet been finalised with the EPA.

It was confirmed that the Forestry Management Plan has been developed and is being followed. The initial contract to deal with wind fallen trees was tendered in March.

There are two elements to the plan, 1 – clear felling of forest and 2 – dealing with brash and windfallen trees (small project)

It was confirmed that the buffer zone will be left and it was confirmed that if there was to be any change or relaxation of any licence condition, that it would have to be done in conjunction with the EPA.

It was noted that it would not be possible to plant willow because of gas and leachate and the existing infrastructure.

Perry Long queried the situation re gas, and it was confirmed that the gas is reducing and will continue to reduce. It was commented that there are management issued on gas, when gas falls off, which have to be dealt with. In response to concerns expressed that gas may be passively passed, it was confirmed that any gas produced must be flared, otherwise there would be a breach of licence. 

Gas in perimeter gas wells are still at the same level. It is understood that there is an amount of brash under the embankment, captive in the area, where there is a continual anaerobic process, which produces gas. It is not a landfill gas.

Odour management

There were no issues reported. Odour patrols have not detected any odours. 


An unannounced audit was carried out by the EPA during the week before the meeting.

It was noted that the computer system suffered damage in a lightning strike last January. Data continues to be collected at each location. Consideration to be given to whether a new computer system should be put in place

Perry Long queried a report on the transducer and pump, it was confirmed that the problem was resolved.

Any other business

It was noted that the meetings with the liaison committee are a licence condition. They will continue once every 6 months. It was confirmed that should there be any incidents, that CCC would communicate with the committee.

Community Fund – it was confirmed that there is still €40,000 in the community fund. It was suggested that the UL representative who assisted with the fund previously, be asked for ideas as to how the fund may best be dispersed.

Date of next meeting

April 2016, date to be confirmed.

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