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April meeting 2016

In this section:


  • Michael Hehir, Local Resident

Committee members

  • Perry Long, Local Resident
  • Sheila Mc Tigue & Mike Mc Tigue, Community Centre
  • Alan Foudy, Cloonanaha National School
  • Tom Long, Local Resident
  • Patrick O’Halloran, Local Resident

Council officials

  • Paul Moroney
  • Etain McCooey

Main points

Minutes of meeting held on 4 November 2015

  • Proposed by Alan Foudy
  • Seconded by Patrick O’Halloran

Matters arising from minutes

It was noted that all municipal landfills were closed except for two – Drohid in the Midlands and one in Co Tipperary. There is the potential of one to open in May for 100k waste, in East Galway.

Objectives of the Regional Waste Management plan include the development of a thermal treatment facility in the region, capable of processing 300k tonnes waste and a 30-40k ton composting facility and a hazardous waste facility.  Perry Long said that she hoped that Clare would not be considered as the location of a thermal treatment plant. It was confirmed that there were no proposals in County Clare for same. New waste region is centred around Cork and Limerick.

Sheila McTigue queried the separation of waste for use in thermal treatment plants. Paul Moroney indicated that it would be up to the operator to sort out and that the facility would treat source segregated waste.

Perry Long queried whether the pay by weight policy is EU or national policy. Paul Moroney advised that it is a national policy based on Ireland’s compliance with the application of the Polluter Pays Principle. Both Clean Ireland and Mr Binman collect waste on the basis of weight already. Further clarification is awaited in relation to the introduction of pay by weight by 1st July 2016.

In response to Perry Long’s query re regulation on producer’s of packaging, Paul Moroney advised that there is nothing in the regulations themselves, but that the Government is due to issue something on Producer Responsibility Initiatives (e.g. re tyres)

It was confirmed that the quantities recycled in Clare is still upward and the county is one of the best performing counties in the region. The amount to recycling centres has reduced, but kerbside source collections have been rolled out.

The cost of recycling at centres is much higher than the income generated. For example, the price of metal is almost zero.

The challenge is to continue to maintain services while only charging €5 per car load

It was noted that when large scale incinerators come online, they cannot use recyclables. Risk of operation of mass burners will be an enforcement issue – and an issue at EU level.

The Forestry Management Plan was discussed. There are two elements to the plan, 1 – clear felling of forest and 2 – dealing with brash and windfallen trees (small project). The contract took place in October/November and trees now removed from site. Brash is still on site, waiting to dry cut before being removed. The wood will be chipped, potentially to be used in the CCC boiler. The forest is reaching maturity so there is a need to develop programme of forest management.

Odour management

There were no issues reported. 


It was noted that the monthly leachate totals showed a lot taken in the December – March period, which was reflective of the high amounts of rainfall.

An audit by the EPA was carried out in October and the report is on the public file. There were no non compliances at the time.

There was one non compliance after that, in relation to an issue which arose in July. The consultant testing pH levels in one of the cells as part of routine monitoring, took the sample and sent it to the lab for tests, continued with purging of the well, then did an onsite test and found it was normal. The sample came back abnormal but they did not report it. The non compliance notice was as a result of not having communicated the excedence. The test taken was not in compliance, CCC does not think it is an excedence. Response being considered by EPA at the moment.

A replacement transducer is on order.

Perry Long queried the situation re methane levels in external wells and whether gas is still being flared. Paul Moroney confirmed that gas production has gone down significantly but is still being flared. The level of gas ina cell may reduce in future to a level that would require flaring the individual cell with a smaller flare.

The issue of landfill gas management is probably going to be a challenge in 7/8 years time. Paul Moroney confirmed that all areas are connected and being managed.

Perry Long asked if the Co Council is actively looking at the issue of how to resolve exposed lime. Paul advised that work will proceed, possibly in 2017. 

Any other business

Community Fund – it was agreed that confirmed that there is a residual fund of €50,000 and that Clare County Council is intending to develop a proposal over the summer as to how to deal with the fund.

 It was suggested to revert to Catherine Dalto or someone like her, re how to develop a plan. It is intended that proposals will be available by October. It will be reviewed internally and Catherine Dalton will be asked if she is still interested in being involved. 

Date of next meeting

First Wednesday in October 2016, date to be confirmed.

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