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Traffic calming and cycle lanes scheme is nearing completion

31 July 2019

Construction work on a traffic calming and cycle lanes scheme is nearing completion on the L4506 and L4508 between St. Flannan’s College and the Kilrush Road in Ennis. 

The objectives of the scheme are to reduce traffic speeds along the route, to provide improved cyclist and pedestrian facilities and provide a street which is more pleasant, healthier and safer. It will provide improved connectivity for students/staff wishing to access St Flannan’s College and Ennis National School on foot or by bicycle. It is likely that traffic volume and HGV usage will decrease. Additional trees and new planted areas have been incorporated as part of the scheme.

In a speed survey undertaken in May 2018, 52% of traffic travelled over the local speed limit of 50 kph. A July 2019 speed survey has shown a significant decrease in traffic speed.

A series of lane separators and bollards will be used at locations along the route to provide light segregation between cyclists and motorists. The image shows a similar scheme in operation in Dublin.

An additional zebra crossing is being provided near Éire Óg Inis GAA grounds.

The measures proposed will extend the network of cyclist facilities already provided in Ennis along the N68, R458, R352 and R469 and as well as providing traffic calming will provide cycling facilities in line with the objectives of the County Development Plan. The four permanent cycle counters on the R458 and R469 are showing increased cyclist activity in Ennis over the past three years.

Page last updated: 31/07/19

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