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Notice of the making of Variation No. 1 to the Clare County Development Plan 2017-2023

12 March 2019

Notice is hereby given, pursuant to Section 13(8) of the Planning & Development Act 2000 (as amended), and Article 13Q of the Planning and Development (Strategic Environmental Assessment) Regulations 2004 (as amended by S.I. no. 201/2011), that Variation No.1 to the Clare County Development Plan 2017-2023 was made by Clare County Council on 11th March, 2019.

Variation No.1 took effect on 11th March, 2019.

The reason for the variation is to give effect to the Government Policy Statement on the Development of Data Centres in Ireland  by identifying in a plan led manner the preferred location of a Data Centre in County Clare.

The Variation provides for the following changes to:

(1) Volume 1 - Written Statement of the Clare County Development Plan 2017-2023:

  • To incorporate the use and development of data centres and power generating infrastructure into the enterprise zoning definition, the following additional text has been added into the zoning objective for enterprise as set out in Chapter 19, data centres,” and “power generating infrastructure as well

(2) Volume 3(a) Ennis Municipal District – Written Statement and Settlement Plans of the Clare County Development Plan 2017-2023:

  • Amend the zoning objective for the lands currently identified as Industrial IND1 to Enterprise ENT3 at Toureen and extend the Enterprise ENT3 zoning objective to 45ha, onto lands currently identified as being in the open countryside;
  • Zone an area of approximately 10 hectares as Buffer Space at Toureen;
  • Replace text in Section 1.5.2 associated with lands currently identified in the Ennis Settlement Plan as Industrial Zoning (IND1) with text associated with the extended site identified as Enterprise (ENT3) to read as follows:

Project Ireland 2040 - National Planning Framework sets out the strategic importance of data centres in Irelands’ Enterprise Strategy. Having regard to the Government Statement on ‘The Role of Data Centres in Ireland’, which in particular recommends having a plan-led approach to data centres, this 55ha site has been identified and zoned as Enterprise (45ha) and for Buffer Space (10ha) with a specific use for a Data Centre Campus due to its proximity to the electricity sub-station, its proximity to the M18 motorway and adjoining regional road network, the location of the site relative to the Gas Pipeline, the availability of Dark Fibre and the proximity of the site to Shannon International Airport and Ennis Town.

This site is zoned to accommodate a Data Centre campus which consists of one or more structures, used primarily for the storage, management and dissemination of data and the provision of associated power electricity connections and energy generating infrastructure.

  • Replace text currently in Section 2.13.5 relating to lands at Toureen with new additional text and in addition to that set out above, include mitigation arising from the Strategic Environmental Assessment, Habitat Directive Assessment and Strategic Flood Risk Assessment. 

Pursuant to the Strategic Environmental Assessment Directive (2001/42/EC) and the Planning and Development (Strategic Environmental Assessment) Regulations, 2004, S.I. no. 436/2004, as amended by S.I. no. 201/2011, the Planning Authority undertook a Strategic Environmental Assessment of the Variation, and prepared an Environmental Report.

Pursuant to Article 6 of the Habitats Directive 92/43/EEC the Planning Authority prepared a Natura Impact Report of the Variation.

A Strategic Flood Risk Assessment of the Variation was also prepared.

An Environmental Statement in respect of Variation No.1 was also prepared summarising:

(a) How environmental considerations have been integrated into the variation,

(b) How:

(i)   The environmental report prepared pursuant to article 13L,

(ii)  Submissions and observations made to the Planning Authority in response to a notice under section 13(2) of the Act, and

(iii) Any consultations under article 13O,

have been taken into account during the making of the Variation,

(c) The reasons for choosing the Variation, as adopted, in the light of the other reasonable alternatives dealt with, and

(d) The measures decided upon to monitor, in accordance with article 13R, the significant environmental effects of implementation of the Variation.

The Clare County Development Plan 2017-2023 incorporating Variation No.1, the Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) - Environmental Report and Non-Technical Summary and Environmental Statement, the Appropriate Assessment - Natura Impact Report and Strategic Flood Risk Assessment may be inspected during normal opening hours at the following locations:

  • Áras Contae an Chláir, New Road, Ennis;
  • De Valera Library, Ennis and Local Study Centre, Harmony Row, Ennis;
  • All public libraries;
  • All Municipal District Offices;

Alternatively they can be downloaded below:

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