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Making a complaint

Air pollution control

The legislation and regulations governing air quality in Ireland are as follows:

Air Pollution Act, 1987, Air Quality Standards Regulations of 2002 and The Marketing, Sale and Distribution of Fuels Regulations, 1998. The text of this legislation can be viewed online in the irish statute book available on

Air pollution licences

Local authorities are empowered under this legislation to licence certain classes of activities which may give rise to air emissions. Activities qualifying for an air pollution licence are as listed in Schedule 3 of the 1987 Air Pollution Act, and it is the responsibility of the local authority to control and condition such activities.

If you have a complaint about environmental protection matters within the remit of Clare County Council responsibilities, it is preferable to make your complaint in writing.

In order to assist you, the environmental complaint form is provided. You are not obliged to use this form. However as it is in your interest to provide as much information as possible, it is wise to use the complaint form. Whatever written method you use (letter, email, complaint form), it is advisable to keep a copy of whatever correspondence you send so as to facilitate any necessary follow up.

Please note that the provision of your name and address is desirable as otherwise Clare County Council will not be in a position to report back to you regarding the matter complained about. Moreover,Clare County Council may need to contact you in order to obtain information or to clarify some points.

Our offices may be contacted by telephone on:

  • Anti-Litter Hotline: 1800 606 706
  • Clare County Council, Environment Section: (065) 6846331

Clare Local Authorities will endeavour to keep your records confidential however, Clare Local Authorities are subject to the Freedom of Information and the Data Protection Acts.

Having completed this form, please also send copies of any correspondence or other supporting information such as photographs and maps to us. Please forward to:

Environmental Section
Clare County Council
Áras Contae an Chláir
New Road
Co. Clare

Page last reviewed: 28/11/16

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