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Keeping Lahinch Green during Irish Open

26 June 2019

For a large-scale event such as the Dubai Duty Free Irish Open (3-7 July 2019) it is important that visitors to Lahinch play their part to help reduce the environmental impact on the receiving environment.

Visitors may help by:
1) Bringing a reusable coffee / tea cups and avoiding single use plastics avoiding single use plastics;
2) Choosing to reuse and refill your water bottle;
3) Keeping our street, roads and beach litter free;
4) Walking,  Cycling  and using the available park and ride to get to and from Lahinch;
5) Cleaning up after your dog – bag it and bin it;
6) By separating your waste correctly at recycling stations provided;
7) Doing an An Taisce Clean Coast #2MinuteBeach Clean or #2MinuteStreet Clean;
8) Switching lights off in unoccupied rooms of your  accommodation;
9) Saving water and energy by shortening your shower by a minute or two.

Clare County Council has also provided some helpful tips and advice for accommodation providers on how to reduce waste, energy and water bills and also help reduce the environmental impact of the Dubai Duty Free Irish Open 2019:
1) Visit and fill out the resource efficiency questionnaire to get tips and advice on how to reduce your waste, energy and water bills;Source foods and products locally;
2) Encourage guests to turn off lights when not in their rooms;
3) To prevent waste avoid single use portions of sugar, salt, jam and butter;
4) Label bins so visitors will know where to put food, recyclable and general waste;
5) Compost your raw vegetable and fruit peelings;
6) Encourage visitors to walk, cycle and use the available park and ride facility to get to and from Lahinch;
7) Install Energy Efficient lighting and make immediate savings;
8) Conserve water by running the dishwasher only when its full;
9) Reduce flush volumes by 20% by placing a 2L bottle of water in your cistern.

Page last updated: 26/06/19

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