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Fire safety codes of practice

The Department of the Environment, Community and Local Government has published codes of practice on fire safety to assist those in charge of premises to discharge their duties under the fire services acts. 

These documents are on the Department of the Environment, Community and Local Government website. Links to the documents are given below:

The above documents can also be purchased through booksellers, and are available from the following address:

Government Publications Sales Office,
Molesworth Street, 
Dublin 2. 

The principles on which many of the codes are based are summarised as follows:

  • Management of fire safety
  • Avoidance of outbreak of fire
  • Early detection of fire and early warning to staff and guests to facilitate and adequate response
  • Compartmentation of buildings and provision of escape routes, which are protected from fire and smoke
  • Limitation of the development and spread of fire
  • Containment of fire and smoke to the room where the fire originates
  • Early suppression of fire, where feasible
  • Effective evacuation procedures
  • Access and facilities for the fire service

Page last reviewed: 08/11/16

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