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Recruiting your Team

Hiring skilled staff

Ireland’s education system ranks in the top ten in the world.
There are over one million people currently in full-time education in Ireland. Over 30% of students enrolled in Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM) courses, 25% of students enrolled in Social Sciences, Business and Law Courses. For further information please see

Enterprise Ireland GradStart programme

The GradStart assists indigenous companies to scale and grow their businesses through the introduction of good graduate talent to deliver clearly defined projects. This offer will specifically target the graduate community and help companies attract additional graduate resources. For further information on the GradStart programme see

Employment Permits

In order to work in Ireland a non-EEA National, unless they are exempted, must hold a valid Employment Permit. The Department's Employment Permits Section administers the Employment Permits system. Employment Permits Online System see

Employers' obligations in Ireland

Employers must ensure that their employees receive certain basic employment rights. These rights are governed by detailed employment legislation. If you employ people or are setting up a business that will employ people you need to be familiar with your responsibilities and your employees’rights.

Page last reviewed: 11/09/18

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