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We are now resolving these issues after the web site update

We are working on resolving a number of issues following  the update to a responsive web site. 

 Issue description Impact  
There are display issues with some templates that display maps. The information appears but the display is out of alignment.  Functionality  High priority
Issues with the display of some pages containing maps on some mobile device screens needs Usability  
Some elements e.g. buttons where the contrast between background and foreground is not sufficient for accessibility  Usability, accessibility  
The main navigation menu in some dynamic pages functions differently than on those pages generated by the content management system.
An example page is the page that appears when you run  search in the site. We will make this consistent with the site and the megamenu system in the rest of the site.
Usability, consistency, Resolved.

Page last reviewed: 26/10/18

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