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Ennis - active trail at John O'Sullivan Park


Ennis - active trail at John O'Sullivan Park
John O'Sullivan Park
Lee's Road
County Clare

Contact details

Telephone: 065 682 1604

The active trail equipment supplements and enhances the facilities already available in the park. 

The active trail equipment encourages high jump and long jump, physical exertion, climbing to great heights, swaying, rolling, turning and tumbling, new and exciting adventures together with personal growth and development. This equipment blends harmoniously into the natural surroundings.


  • Outdoor equipment incorporating exercise activities for all abilities 
  • Can aid rehabilitation from injury or ill health, as well as taking your fitness to the next level. 
  • This active trail equipment ensures that older children also benefit from regular activity
  • Exciting and challenging climbing, rope and balance landscapes
  • 16 elements available in differing degrees of difficulties, providing a fitting challenge for children, teenagers and adults alike. 

Map of location

Longitude: -9.004505 Latitude: 52.861746

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