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Exhibition of Florence Vere O’Brien prints at Clare Museum

Date issued: 12/10/17

Clare Museum in Ennis is exhibiting an exhibition of prints of paintings by Florence Vere O’Brien, founder of the Limerick Lace School and Clare Embroidery.

The diarist, philanthropist and craftswoman was born in 1854 and married Robert Vere O’Brien, a barrister, and member of the Inchiquin family of County Clare.  She was a person of quite exceptional abilities and a talented artist, as well as designer for embroidery and lace – she founded the Limerick Lace School and the Clare Embroidery school.

Throughout her life Florence had used her skills, much as we would use a camera today, to record the places visited. She had travelled much, with her adoptive parents, throughout Switzerland, Austria, Italy, Germany and Russia and eventually to Ireland.

Her sketch-books contained over a thousand images, and the journals of Florence, which she had maintained throughout her life, are very well written.  

The Irish sketches and watercolours, which include Clare scenes, are dated between 1880 and 1915, and are part of a large body of her art work.  These paintings are the subject of a new book book from Ballinakella press, THE IRISH SKETCHES of Florence Vere O'Brien edited by Davie Rowe.  In the book, the paintings have been matched with the related entries in her journals.

A selection of prints from the book, featuring some scenes from Clare, are on exhibition in Clare Museum.  The prints feature scenes from County Clare as they were over a century ago and will remain on exhibition until the end of the year.

Admission to Clare Museum is free.

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Content Last Updated/Reviewed: 12/10/17