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Taking in charge

Taking in charge means that the planning authority takes control of the infrastructure and public areas associated with a particular development. The facilities to be taken in charge include:

  • Public roads and footpaths
  • Public water supply - foul and storm water drainage
  • Public lighting
  • Waster water treatment plant and associated buffer zone
  • Public open spaces
  • Potable treatment plants and any associated protection zone
  • Unallocated surface parking areas
  • Fires services including fire hydrants

The documents below outline Clare County Council's policy (pre and post 29 September, 2008) and also include application forms in relation to taking in charge of private housing developments i.e. a development of two or more houses.

Status of estates in Ennis that have yet to be taken in charge:

Status of estates in Co. Clare that have yet to be taken in charge:

  • Planning Residential Estate Register under each Municipal District - Status of Taking In Charge (Report to Council October 2016 [PDF, 152KB]

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