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Planning overview

The main functions of the planning section are to provide for the proper planning and sustainable development of the county, the management of development, the promotion of economic development and the protection of the natural and built heritage and amenity of County Clare.  Everyone has the right to comment on local planning matters, and to shape the planning and development of the area, by commenting on planning applications and by participating in the periodic review of the development plan. 

The forward planning section is responsible for the preparation and implementation of the county development plan and local area plans. Forward planning lies at the heart of the planning system as it sets out an overall strategy for the proper planning and sustainable development of all areas.

The development management section is concerned with the day to day operation of the planning system in terms of the processing, assessment and determination of planning applications.The underlying objective of the development management process is to contribute towards a sustainable and high quality environment. Many planning policy objectives aim to protect the natural environment through prudent use of natural resources and the avoidance of pollution. 

Development management has the potential to make a significant contribution towards achieving sustainable forms of development, for example: 

  • By preventing the pollution of air and water.
  • By providing higher residential densities in appropriate locations and by facilitating sustainable forms of transport i.e. public transport, walking and cycling paths in new urban developments. 

Development management also influences the quality of the built environment, which in turn affects not only the users of particular buildings but also the general public.

The enforcement section is concerned with ensuring compliance with the planning code. Enforcement activities potentially benefit the majority of people living in County Clare, in terms of minimising the adverse impacts of non-compliance with the planning code and unauthorised development. 

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Content Last Updated/Reviewed: 16/03/16