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Planning applications

Planning applications are available to view, both online and at the planning counter in the offices of Clare County Council. All documents (with the exception of confidential information) submitted as part of the planning application are available for viewing by the public. Also written submissions and observations from third parties and prescribed bodies are also available for viewing. Internal reports on the application, prepared by or on behalf of the planning authority, are only available for viewing once a decision has been made on the application. Copies of any part of the application may be purchased at a charge not exceeding the reasonable cost of making a copy. 

There is a €15 charge for the retrieval of planning files that are 7 years or older (calculated from the date of the final grant).

Withdrawing a planning application

An applicant may at any time prior to the giving of the decision by the planning authority, give notice in writing of his or her intention to withdraw their application. In such instances, no decision in respect of the application is deemed to have been made and internal reports are therefore not available for public viewing.

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Page last updated: 21/05/10