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Compliance with Rural Settlement Strategy

In order to manage the growth of rural housing throughout the County, in compliance with the Government Guidelines on Sustainable Rural Housing  (2005), the Clare County Development Plan 2011-2017 has defined a different policy response for single rural housing within 'Areas of Special Control' and for single rural housing outside of 'Areas of Special Control'. 'Areas of Special Control' comprise (i) Rural Areas under Strong Urban Pressure (ii) Heritage Landscapes and (iii) Sites accessed from Scenic Routes. These areas are identified in Maps C and Maps G1-G12 of Volume 2- Maps of the Clare County Development Plan 2011-2017.

Section 3.2.5 of Chapter 3,Volume 1- Written Statement of the Clare County Development Plan 2011-2017 sets out in detail the policies/objectives of Clare County Council in relation to single rural housing in the countryside.

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Content Last Updated/Reviewed: 04/04/11