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Housing grants

The schemes of housing aid are available to assist people living in poor housing conditions or specific medical needs to have necessary repairs or improvements carried out. 

The funding available is continuously under review with limited amounts available per application. 


  • Fully completed application.
  • Medical evidence - Doctors assessment/ Occupational Therapist report.
  • 2 Detailed quotations of works.
  • Evidence of all gross income within the household (P60/ social welfare/ statement of business accounts) inclusive.

Clare County Council housing grant schemes:

Main points of the scheme:

  1. All household occupants income being taken into account
  2. Evidence of compliance with Property Tax will be sought from applicants
  3. Maximum gross income threshold is €60,000
  4. Maximum Grant under Housing Aid For Older People is €8,000
  5. Age limit eligibility is 66 for Housing Aid for Older People
  6. Grant Maximum under Mobility Aid is €6,000.
  7. Grant Maximum under Disability Aid is €30,000




Types of works considered

Housing Aid for Older People Scheme

  1. Structural Repairs or Improvements to include Re- wiring or Drylining.

  2. Repairs / Replacement of Doors and Windows.

  3. Central Heating Provision.

  4. Water or Sanitary Services.

  5. Contract Cleaning or Painting.

  6. Radon Remediation Works.

Housing Aid for People with Disability Scheme./ Mobility Aid Grant Scheme/♠New House Grant Scheme.

  1. Access Ramps/ Stair-lifts.

  2. Downstairs Toilet Facilities.

  3. Accessible Showers.

  4. Adaptations to facilitate Wheelchair Access.

  5. Extensions.

  6. Any other works which are reasonably necessary for the purposes of rendering a House more suitable for the Accommodation of a person with a Disability/Mobility issue.

♣ Denotes a Scheme aimed at the Disabled covering New Builds (up to 12 months)


Given the restrictions on the available financial resources, mainly Priority 1 cases are likely to be afforded funding under the various Grant Schemes, that facilitate the adaptation of accommodation to meet particular disability/medical needs. Currently a waiting list exists and it is envisaged that these will be waiting from 6 to 24 months for funding. Letters of referral and support from HSE medical professionals will be required for applications to receive consideration and to be placed on our waiting list.

Provision will be made to consider exceptional applications made under the Housing Aid for Older People Scheme. Such applications will be only be considered where the applicant requires essential repairs or improvement works as a matter of urgency, e.g. individuals in hospital who require the works to be completed in order to facilitate the continuance of their care in their own home or to facilitate their direct return home. The applicant(s) must normally be aged 66 years or over. Where, in the opinion of the council, genuine cases of hardship exist, the council may consider the payment of a grant to individuals who are less than 66 years of age.;

The position in relation to expenditure and activity on the housing grants scheme will be kept under ongoing review.

Please be advised that works must not commence prior to receiving a written grant approval from Clare County Council. Any Grant Applications where works are done in advance of written approval of the Council will be deemed to be ineligible for a Grant and will be refused.

Contact the Housing Office at (065) 6846400 or (065) 6846206

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Content Last Updated/Reviewed: 17/01/18