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Overview of prevention

The objective of fire prevention is to promote public fire safety and to support orderly development of good building practice as regards fire safety in all new and existing buildings used by the public.

The following are some of the activities of the fire prevention department:

  • Fire officers carry out inspections of places of public assembly and other high-risk premises in the county
  • Fire prevention officers process fire safety certificate applications in accordance with the provisions laid down in the Building Regulations 1997 - 2008
  • The council's fire prevention staff advise on current fire safety standards required for proposed and existing developments
  • The fire service carry out 'During Performance Inspections' of places of public assembly, in co-operation with An Garda Síochána, to ensure compliance with fire safety requirements and preventing overcrowding
  • Community fire safety

The Fire Services Act 1981 and the Licensing of Indoor Event Act 2003 are the primary pieces of legislation relating to fire safety in buildings in Ireland. This act places a duty on any person having control over a premises (a dwelling house occupied as single dwelling is excluded) to:

  • Take all reasonable measures to guard against the outbreak of fire on the premises
  • To ensure as far as is reasonably practicable the safety of persons on the premises in the event of an outbreak of fire

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Content Last Updated/Reviewed: 08/11/16