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Road opening licence

The area offices deal with the issuing of road opening licences. A "road" includes footpaths, verges and carriageways.

A road opening licence is required for:

  • Connection to water main
  • Connection to sewer
  • ESB
  • Telecom
  • Pipelaying etc.

Clare County Council requires that any person/company who wishes to open up a section of public road or footpath obtain a road opening licence before carrying out any work. This is to ensure that all openings carried out are reinstated properly and are therefore safe for public use.

  • Road opening licence application form [PDF, 155KB]

Road opening application should be completed in full along with the following:

  • A fee should be paid to the council
  • Ordanance survey map indicating the location
  • A copy of the public liability insurance policy

Page last reviewed: 22/04/13

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